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  1. <3 grandpa (jimmy brown) is truley a amazing man! rest in peace granddaddy love your baby girl

  2. Good evening, dear Lisa, a real pleasure to visit again Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams’ great tribute site. he still does sound amazingly brand new and extremely modern, a pioneer, an avant garde well ahead of his time. Many kind regards.

  3. Two MP3 CDs (albums) have been released for your enjoyment: ‘Paul Williams The Very Best Of’ and ‘Paul Hucklebuck Williams The Rock ‘N’ Roll Years’. These digital download albums only contain song files with NO descriptive information about Paul Hucklebuck Williams or the songs he wrote/recorded. For more information about Paul, please see the various links on this website, or his YouTube channel

  4. Thank you Bobby for the information you put on Paul’s Facebook page about the time you spent in the band:
    “Nowaday’s, People, Artist’s, And Music fans Don’t Have a clue about what ” Real Show ” Biz Was like In the 50’s / 60’s era, It was the ” Real deal ” I was In my Early 20’s When I Played on stage at the ” Apollo, In a 18 Peice Blues Rock Band, Of ” Paul HuckleBuck Williams” We also played House band at The ” Regal ” In Chicago, The Royal Theater In Baltimore, And The Howard Theater in DC,”

  5. Paul “Mr. Hucklebuck” Williams is one of the unsung founding fathers of rock & roll music. Thank you so much to Lisa and Earl and the Williams family for all that you are doing to promote his important and pioneering musical legacy.

    David Blakey, Webmaster,
    BO DIDDLEY-The Originator Officially Authorized Website
    A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.
    The Official Bo Diddley MySpace Page.
    The Bo Diddley Legacy MySpace Page.

  6. Thanks, Lisa, for going to to listen to archived blues radio, and to comment. I’ve been doing jazz radio for decades in Phoenix, most of them including blues. I LOVE your grandfather’s playing. Thanks to you I now know he played bari and alto sax. What a sound he set up for others to follow…

  7. My Daddy, “jimmy brown trumpeter” would be so happy to know how people are being touched by the music he helped to create right now 2011, over 50 years have gone and passed. I am 35 and share with anyone from my generation who will listen.

  8. In today’s world, the media strives to find artists that have the “it” factor. Even if they don’t have “it”, they will try to create “it” through various audio and video effects. Often times their success is short lived and soon forgotten. Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams proves that his music is “it”, being as fresh today as it was over 60 years ago. I feel that his music was not forgotten but just overlooked a little. These videos solidify what “it” is all about. Just pure raw powerful music that grabs your soul and rejuvenates “it”. Paul’s music will live on through these videos and through his recordings that are available in today’s marketplace. In his day, Paul was “it” and he still has “it” today. So when the rarity of finding an artist that has “it” occurs today just remember that Paul Williams helped build the foundation of “it”. May his music live on and shake the souls of today’s world and beyond. Rock “It”, Man!

  9. Huck was the Man! you did a great job on the site and Paul was so much about Black music, he led the way. My High School buddy was in those videos Belton Evans ,he taught me how to play drums and Paul taught me the music business. I didn’t do anything, without discussing it with Paul first. I had a booking agency, before I had the band, he was my mentor. I always tell the story of how he would cuss me out every night, on the bandstand, for not holding the groove. That’s the band I grew up in musically. I will never forget him and forever thankful he was a part my life. Thanks very much for sharing please stay in touch.

  10. Hello Lisa,
    I like your grandfather’s music,too. Over 30 years ago they played the HUCKLEBUCK on American Forces Radio in West-Berlin when there was less 1 minute left to the news.They made announcements about the recreation center, cinemas for american soldiers etc. over the song and faded it out. Because of that i had never the chance to listen to the whole song not to mention that I never found out who was the band.
    They only played it once on Berlin Radio on a Jazz show called “Club 18” which I listened to on Saturday’s afternoon when I was at my grandmother’s flat in the late 70’s but her radio was very old and it took some time to warm up & find the radio station. So I was too late and heard only the name of the song and realized then that I knew the song before covered by others 🙂
    Have a great weekend

  11. I will continue to tell the world what a great man Paul Hucklebuck Williams was he taught me so much he took alot of us young bucks under his wing he was our stage dad some don’t believe because there is no documentation of us two together but it doesn’t stop me from giving props where props are due Mr. Williams a true LEGEND always in my book always in my heart

    Guitar Blues Legend Bobby Parker

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